The Best Restaurant For Sushi Lovers

Anyone reading this post who knows me will know food is my saviour in life. If I’m ever grumpy it’s probably down to the fact I haven’t eaten and I’m one of those people who reaches for food no matter what mood I’m in. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Stressed? Eat. You get the gist. And as I sit here typing this post for the second time (as for some bizarre reason it disappeared from my blog) I am annoyed/sad/stressed so as you can imagine, I am eating!

One type of food I’m really enjoying at the moment is Asian cuisine and if I had the choice to eat anything, it would definitely be that. I just feel as I’m getting older, it’s time to experiment with different foods and step out of my comfort zone a bit more. And everyone knows I love me some noodles anyway!

So let’s bear in mind my obsession with Asian food, now imagine my face when I get invited for dinner at the brand new YO! Sushi restaurant in Canterbury. Of course, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to hop on a train there!

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never been to YO! Sushi before so I didn’t really know how it worked. All I knew is that your food turned up on a mini conveyor belt, which I now know is called a kaiten, and the dishes were colour coded. Now I know how freshly prepared the food is, the story behind it and more importantly, how delicious it tastes!

When we arrived, we were greeted by some really lovely waitresses, one of which seated us and explained how to order and a bit more about the menu. She was so helpful and really sweet, haven’t got a bad word to say about her! She encouraged us to try the Ramune Soda which is apparently the Japanese equivalent of coke or lemonade, it’s basically their number one fizzy drink. They arrive in glass bottles with a plastic lid and a glass ball inside, so basically you have no clue how to get into them. After a couple of goes we managed to crack the puzzle, no spoilers here though to how we did it! It tasted a little like cream soda and despite it being super sweet, we both guzzled them down in a couple of seconds!

Now for the exciting part… FOOD!

We wasted no time in picking freshly prepared dishes off the kaiten and before we knew it, our whole table was covered with colourful bowls of the most delicious smelling food – I couldn’t even see the menu underneath! My absolute favourite was the hoisin duck rolls which you can see in the pictures above. They were so tasty and Toby actually had to stop me from picking them off the conveyor belt every time they came around because I couldn’t stop myself from tucking in! We also picked up some furikake fries, various types of gyoza, ebi katsu and Toby’s favourite, spicy chicken rolls. I have to say, even though I don’t like spicy food, they were actually really yummy and the rest of the cold dishes were so yummy. It’s so hard not to keep picking them up time and time again!

After tucking into the cold dishes, it was now time to order the hot ones. Even though I literally wanted to order everything on the menu, I opted for the chicken chahan which is essentially rice, veg and chicken mixed together and hoisin duck bao which is a fluffy bun filled with duck and pickled cucumber. I did enjoy both of them but surprisingly, I much preferred the cold dishes!

One of the hardest decisions of the evening was selecting a dessert. I’d had my eye on the custard dorayaki since seeing the menu but souffle cheesecake was a close competitor. In the end, I went with the first option which is essentially two pancakes stuck together with custard and a raspberry coulis type of sauce on the side. Now let me tell you, it was so much more than that. So scrummy and I could’ve eaten them all day long. I’m even going to try and recreate it at home so I can eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY DAY! That’s the dream anyway! Toby opted for the raspberry ice cream mochi which after a short bout of brain freeze, he demolished.

If you’re ever in Canterbury and in need of a quick bite to eat or really fancy some flavoursome sushi then you know exactly where to go. It’s also worth noting that the restaurant is positioned in the cutest little lane next to the war memorial and infamous Canterbury Cathedral. So once you’ve spent your day seeing the sites, you can pop in!

Let me know if you’ve ever been and what your favourite dishes are! I’d love to try out some more next time! Also, a huge thank you to YO! Sushi for having us, we’ll definitely be back!


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