Current Favourite: Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick

If there was one thing I wish I could change about my makeup routine, it would be to be braver when it comes to lipstick. I only ever wear a swipe of red on a special occasion or a dark berry shade when I’m shooting blog photos in autumn/winter. I never venture past that and I think it’s down to a combination of things.

1. I’m a mucky pup and would probably smear it all over the shop.

2. I’ve never found the ‘perfect nude’ that everyone harps on about – does the ‘my lips but better’ shade really exist?

3. I’d be too worried that I have lipstick on my teeth the entire time and would probably spend 90% of the day staring into a mirror to check my gnashers.

However, I think I might have accidentally found a lipstick which could change all of that.

Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick


The Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick is a massive game changer for me. As someone who has relied on good old MAC Russian Red for years and years (I probably should’ve chucked it out 18 months ago tbh), the fact another lip product has stepped into the limelight means it’s a pretty big deal.

First off, the shade is theĀ perfect red – a deep, blue toned, classic, matte, ruby red. And the formula is just as good as the shade.

It’s so easy to apply with the swipe of the doe foot applicator and fortunately for lazy gals like me, you only need one coat so you don’t have to stand there in front of the mirror for what feels like hours blotting and reapplying your lipstick. It’s so refreshing being able to apply a really smooth formula which doesn’t drag on your lips or require the need to blot or suck your finger – you all know what I mean by that yeah? It dries quickly as well and doesn’t feel sticky at all which is something I rate highly in lip products.

As for longevity, I’d say it does a pretty good job. I wore it for a couple of hours and it didn’t fade until I ate so I only had to reapply it once over the whole evening. It didn’t smudge at all when I ate either which, referring to point number three I made earlier, is an absolute blessing for someone who is always so conscious there’s stuff in/on my teeth.

Despite being long wearing and smudge proof, it only takes a few cotton pads of micellar water to remove and didn’t dry out my lips at all which is something I’ve experienced with other matte lipsticks before.

Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick

I’ve already been eyeing up a few other shades in the range and I’m hoping I’ve found a potential perfect nude shade in ‘Perfect Nude’ (shock) or ‘Bazaar’. I’ll let you know if I have any success!

Have you tried the Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick yet?

Lipstick gifted by The Fragrance Shop

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