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I’m Katy, an ambitious bit-of-everything blogger, ready to crack into the adult world of bills and blogging. Currently saving for a mortgage, I’m trying to ‘adult’ as best as possible and that includes posting weekly on here. You can find all sorts on The Rawrdrobe including lifestyle and advice posts, travel guides, outfit shots, product reviews and anything in between! You’ll gradually learn more about me through reading my content but here’s a quick low down…

I’m a sucker for:

  • Wagamama (anytime¬†or place)
  • A new pair of socks
  • Anything Marvel
  • YSL Black Opium
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Fresh bedding
  • Converse
  • A pint after work
  • Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod scent
  • Mussels on the beach in Whitstable
  • Scrapbooking

And can often be found:

  • Wearing Marvel pyjamas, watching a Marvel film
  • At the pub (any pub in Kent could be possible)
  • Tucked into bed shopping on ASOS
  • Spread over the floor with an array of polaroids and photos, attempting to scrapbook
  • Lost in the black hole of YouTube watching conspiracy theories
  • Hassling Toby to go to Wagamama for dinner

What I want to achieve:

  • Buy a house by the time I’m 23
  • Create the best content I can for my blog
  • Full time happiness


  1. 11/06/2012 / 22:12

    Is a dad a thief? because he took the stars and put them in your eyes

    • 12/06/2012 / 09:53

      ahaa of course backxy;)